mercoledì 1 giugno 2011

Morgantina. Disputed Statue Is Back Home in Italy

Morgantina. Disputed Statue Is Back Home in Italy
Elisabetta Povoledo
The New York Times 20/5/2011

A statue of a cult deity that was once the subject of litigation between the Italian government and the J. Paul Getty Museum of Los Angeles, was publicly unveiled on Tuesday in its new home in Aidone, Sicily. The Getty bought the seven-foot-tall limestone-and marble statue in 1988 for 18 million, giving rise to a two-decade legal battle after Italian authorities determined it had been looted from Italy. The museum agreed to return the statue, often identified as Aphrodite, as part of a 2007 accord with the Italian government for the restitution of 40 illegally excavated artifacts. The statue was finally shipped to Rome in March. It has been installed in what is expected to be its permanent home, the archaeological museum in Aidone, a hilltop town near the ruins of the ancient Greek colony of Morgantina, where some experts believe the statue once stood.

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